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Ponza island

Ponza island is located in central Italy in front of the Circeo territory, in the Lazio coasts.

Ponza is the largest of the Ponziane Islands (whose archipelago also includes the islands of Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano) and is located in front of the Gulf of Gaeta (in the Tyrrhenian Sea), 21 nautical miles south of San Felice Circeo.

Characteristic is the eighteenth-century port, with its colorful houses that can be reached through internal streets.

The volcanic origin characterizes its rocks that vary in shape and take on different colors from white, yellow to brown. The island of Ponza is very indented, full of inlets, beaches, coves and stacks.

The island of Ponza

is located in central Italy in front of the Circeo territory, in the Lazio coasts.

Among the beaches

within walking distance there is the suggestive moon light at 500 meters. from the port, which is accessed by a Roman tunnel, the Frontone beach reached by sea with a frequent and frequent shuttle service in less than five minutes from the port, and Cala Feola with the bus about 20 minutes.

The famous Caves of Pilate

are a complex of caves from the Roman era, carved at sea level. They are so named after an "ancient legend" of which Pilato di Giudea was the protagonist. "The complex consists of large caves connected with the sea and between them by tunnels, dug into the rocky bank just south-east of the port.

It is possible to rent boats

with sailor or without, or take part in daily trips to Palmarola, Zannone. The island of Palmarola

is also called "Forcina Island" because of its shape, actually takes its name from the dwarf palm, the only palm native to Europe, which grows wild on its surface. The coasts of Palmarola are wonderful. The island

is a nature reserve that is part of the Circeo National Park and the water, particularly fishy, ??is one of the most beautiful in the park.

The island of Zannone

is about 6 miles from the Port of Ponza and can be reached by one of the boats that connect it to the main island in the summer. Zannone is the only one among the ponziane islands to be constituted, as well as by volcanic rocks, also by sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of some hundreds of millions of years ago.


What to eat in Ponza? What are the typical dishes

of the island? why not enrich your holiday with tasting experiences? ... the typical flavors are an extraordinary way to get to know a territory. The typical cuisine takes advantage of the use of fish including lobster, spider crab, bream and other to be enjoyed in restaurants in the various areas of the island of Ponza.

Ponza's cuisine is characterized not only by dishes based on fish, but also for land specialties. Among the ingredients that often occur in the typical dishes of the Ponzese we find the legumes and the fish

, used in combination with pasta (long or short), or for the preparation of tasty and nutritious soups ... In the menus of all the restaurants are often found dishes based on the aforementioned ingredients ..: linguine with lobster or scampi, spaghetti with crab, lentil soup, cicerchie soup ... On the island there is a regular service of autolinee

that connects the various areas ... you can rent scooters and cars ..

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