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The island of Ponza...

... is located in the center of Italy in south of Rome. Its volcanic origin characterizes its rocks that vary in the forms and in the different colorations from the white, yellow to the brown one. Characteristic is the eighteenth-century seaport, with itís many colored houses that are reached through inside small roads. You can reach all the beach with practical and comforting services offered on the island. Itís possible to rent boats with sailor or without, or to participate in daily trips to the islands of Palmarola and Zannone. In Ponza there is a regular service of bus that connects the various zones. The typical kitchen uses fishes among which lobsters, crabs, sargos and other to be tasted in the present restaurants in the various zones of the island.

As to reach Ponza

By train:
Railway station of Formia and Anzio

By car :
Highway A1 - gone out A1 Rome-Naples, gone out on the provincial road for Formia or Terracina.
For Anzio, provincial road Rome-Anzio

From Anzio,Terracina and Formia.

From Anzio, S. Felice Circeo, Formia and Naples


Chiaia di luna
Giancos - S.Maria
Faraglioni di Lucia Rosa
The seaport
Cala Feola
Cala Feola
The seaport

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